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Embellir Retreat has our guests’ complete well-being in mind. As such we will guide you through all the steps to make this not just a Cosmetic Surgery, but a Spa retreat, wellness vacation, mind, and body enriching experience, with the best in world acclaimed surgeons for cosmetic and dental procedures.

plastic surgery in Medellin

Our Essence 

Embellir Retreat will provide an all-inclusive mind and body enriching wellness program, complementing your cosmetic or dental procedure.  This is all about you and adding complete inner and outer beauty, with worry-free care, in no stress luxury, with only your wellness in mind.

Plastic surgery in Colombia

At this point you probably have heard about the highest standards in Colombian cosmetic surgery. The ideal location for a getaway before and after your cosmetic procedure. We pamper you from the moment you get on the plane to Medellin, arrive in our amazingly beautiful city and away from all your troubles, pampered back to better than new after your chosen procedure.


Not only is the opportunity in higher value for money, it is also a chance for you to encounter our hospitality, spa oriented before and after care, our amazing cuisine adapted to your needs and massage, spa, yoga and meditation treatments as you so desire.


All inclusive and all while you are taken care of by our concierge wellness and spa staff throughout your stay with us.





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