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Recover In Paradise


Colombia can only be described as one of the most magical and diverse countries, offering a plethora of cultures, landscapes, culinary choices, best of accommodations, ultimate culinary experiences and biggest of smiles. 

One of Latin America’s most progressive countries, Colombia is having the highest growth, well organized social care, advanced medical care and strong political and social stability, generating an ideal environment conducive to tourism and business.

Its visitor-friendly cities, its mountains, rivers and seas, its great variety of fauna and flora and its gastronomic wealth makes Colombia one of the favorite destinations for international tourists.

As the country has developed a strong tourism infrastructure, the safety, authenticity and diversity has been a strong focus to ensure the continued increase in visitors.

With exotic landscapes, highest value  for money, amazing shopping, strong service attitudes, in addition to finest of hotels and restaurants , combining comfort and of luxury, making the stay of guests completely unforgettable.

This is exactly why Colombia is the perfect place for the Embellir Retreat beauty getaway; where the kindness of its people will make you feel pampered from your arrival, until the return to your home in complete rejuvenation.



Medellín is one of the most important cities in Colombia, as well as we believe the most beautiful city in the country. Surrounded by mountains and with an "eternal spring" climate, it is one of the favorite cities for tourists. Its breathtaking views, tree-lined streets, and high-quality boutique hotels and restaurants will make you feel that you are in the most beautiful metropolis in the world. So much to do and so much to see and a local population that is helpful and eager to make our guests always be comfortable.

Medellin has a concentration of state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery centers. The city's experience in aesthetic treatments and its highly qualified professionals and medical teams makes this the perfect paradise for beauty tourism. Cosmetic medical and dental procedures are part of Medellin’s culture and as such has the most acclaimed professionals and advanced cosmetic medical treatments in the world.




Medellin’s pure valley spring like air and the ability to connect with nature while being in a city, allows to feed the mental and physical well-being of its visitors, with experiences of meditation, yoga and spa will therefore allow for a complete transformation both physically and spiritually. The most successful procedures will include all of your well-being and not just the procedure alone. Enjoying the environment, come to complete relaxation and enhance your appearance in the way you want, will make Medellin the chosen destination and Embellir Retreat the company to put this together for you with unsurpassed services and only your satisfaction in mind.

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