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Air Fare


Embellir Retreat will coordinate your airfare. Your arrangements will include your flights from the USA and Canada. We’ll ensure that you fly in comfort.

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Concierge Transfers


Upon arrival in Medellin our concierge driver will await you and take you to your deluxe hotel.

On your way the driver will show you some of the beautiful sights while driving down the Medellin valley. 

He will stay at your disposal, but most likely you will enjoy some relaxation first.

Concierge Language Needs


Throughout your stay, language is never an issue and we will support you in confidence with any Spanish- English translations needed.  


Certainly, we know this beautiful city inside out and gladly will help you with some tours, sightseeing, shopping tips or spa options. Much of these are already included in your program.

The Cosmetic or Dental procedure

'On your “Day 2”, we have prescheduled your first visit with the doctor. English is widely spoken.

The Doctor will do final screening and review with you any test results, agreements, and ensure that the procedure will be having the results you come to expect. Transfers to and from the Doctors office will be provided.

On your “Day 3”, we will take you to the medical facility for your procedure. With the required confidentiality, we will be of your support every step of the way. Transfers to the facilities are included.

The boutique hotels and our wellness program


Depending of your preferences we personalize a stay for you, we selected specific pre-procedures and post-procedures hotels according to your expectations. 

This will be discussed with you and our care is about your interest before the procedure and the comfort we can best provide you after the procedure.

While the pre- procedure stay is of 3 nights, the doctor will recommend that the post procedure stay is for a minimum of 5 nights.

During your stay we will provide you with top notch meal services as well as spa, personal care, meditation yoga, manicures and pedicures.

Pending your procedure, we will schedule 24/7 access to care staff.

Follow up meeting(s) with the doctors will be scheduled and our transfers are provided.

You will stay away from daily hustle and bustle to have you fully relax, in comfort, style and relaxation.
When you are ready for the world, we are there to show you around more of our amazing sights and sceneries.

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Imagen 1.png
Going home

We want you to go home totally rejuvenates. A new person and ready to face your world back home.
It is a farewell to our concierge driver.
We know for sure you like to come back to visit Colombia and our “eternal spring city”, Medellin!!

Our doctor will ascertain the continued access for any follow up questions you might have.

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Our services
Our location



Recover in Paradise

We have literally redefined the recovery experience at Embellir Retreat. Our luxury boutique hotel selection provides a level of comfort, service and care unlike any other. The special chosen hotels are selected not just based on comfort and service, but also based on proximity to the medical facilities and your personal interest.



Included in Our Program Are:
•    Preparations and documentation needed.
•    Virtual consultation(s) with the doctor.
•    Your airline travels.
•    Your arrival meet and greet and transfer to your boutique spa hotel.
•    Pre-procedure 3-day Spa hotel all-inclusive of spa services and breakfast inclusion.
•    Initial meeting with the doctor.
•    The cosmetic or dental procedure as initially assessed.
•    You’re after care, nursing and 24/7 support.
•    Additional insurance for the procedure (we recommend you to also take travel insurance).
•    Concierge services and nursing care as required.
•    6 -day spa boutique hotel stays after treatment.
•    Your chosen spa and wellness treatment.
•    Transfers to and from the surgery center.
•    English is widely spoken, and we are here to assist you when language might be an issue.
•    Transfer back to the airport and your flight home.
•    After care instructions and support as required.
•    Special program for your partner or significant other will be arranged for our guests wanting to take a friend or family member along.
•    These are tailor-made treatments and we will adjust the requirements to each individual’s needs.
Our Plans


Our focus is on delivering the highest quality and provide a complete wellness spa retreat, where of course your cosmetic or dental surgery is a pivotal focus. Pricing is always important, but considering it is your body, it is mostly about quality, safety and best results.


Still our all-inclusive pricing is better than just the procedure alone in the USA. (Would you not want to be away from your daily routines anyway?) Please keep in mind that the price list might change depending on your specific requirements


Sample Pricing


Nose reconstruction

Our all -inclusive 10-day air inclusive price; $6300.  (Miami price for procedure alone; $7600)

Breast augmentation

Our all -inclusive 10-day air inclusive price; $5700. (Miami price for the procedure alone $7100)

Tummy Tuck

Our all -inclusive 10-day air inclusive price; $5600. (Miami price for the procedure alone; $5600)

Dental implants full set


Our all -inclusive 10-day air inclusive price; $5300. (Miami price for the procedure alone; $9000)

Amigo almorzando

Companion Travel

We provide very beneficial travel arrangements for companion, friend, relative and “significant other”.

The sample price quoted are for single occupancy. Double occupancy will provide you all the same benefits and high level of services, (without the procedure of course) at a small fraction of the cost.

While our services will make you feel completely at easy traveling by yourself, bringing a travel companion along might enhance the experience. Companion prices all-inclusive start at $1900.





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