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Cosmetic surgery for men; What are the most common procedures?

Masculinity today is conceived differently if we compare it with several years ago, which is why men today feel more confident and determined to improve their physical appearance through plastic surgery.

While looks and appeal also come from your inside, achieving a better appearance that improves professional and love life will enhance body and soul. The security of looking and feeling good allows a man to feel more confident with himself and to function better in his everyday life.

Plastic surgeries that men require are understandably different from those performed for women. It is for this reason that we are going to tell you which are the most common plastic surgeries for men and their expectations:

1) Eyelid Rejuvenation: It is also known as Blepharoplasty, it helps to reduce the excess skin around the eyes making the look more awake and fresher, this surgery removes under eye bags and helps eliminate facial fatigue.

2) Neck Lift: Over the years the excess skin on the neck begins to grow, which generates an appearance of "turkey neck", the results of this plastic surgery allow to eliminate that heavy appearance around the face rejuvenating the neck and achieving better appearance when wearing shirts and t-shirts.

3) Rhinoplasty or nose job: The focus of this surgery for men is to achieve results that do not look feminine and maintain the masculinity of the face.

4) Liposuction: It is not a secret that being overweight is a common situation for many men and gaining weight is becoming easier due to diet, habits or a sedative job. Even after losing weight, the aesthetic results are not satisfactory since a large amount of skin does not disappear, however, all is not lost since a practical and quick solution to improve the physical appearance of the body is liposuction, eliminating fat and shaping areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, or neck.

5) Veneers and implants: A big white smile will get you anywhere in life. Let us help you achieve amazing results with a set of teeth that makes you a Hollywood star

At Embellir Retreat we can help you with any of the required cosmetic and dental surgeries, allowing you to return to being a confident and energetic man to take on the challenges that day to day brings us.

With our highest quality of cosmetic surgical care located in Medellin, Colombia, we not only offer the best in results, for a most affordable price, as well in a paradise-like setting for an all-encompassing mind and body rejuvenating recuperation.

What makes us different is our aim to not only enhance your look from the outside, we also make you radiant from the inside, as we strongly believe that those have to go together. Give us a try and we will guarantee life changing results.


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