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Why is Medellín so trendy?

Medellín is the jewel in the Latin American crown, a radiant city that has gained great popularity in recent years, but what makes Medellín so fashionable?

The Wall Street Journal magazine classified Medellín as the most innovative metropolis on the planet. The New York Times in its video "36 hours in Medellín" highlights the city as a must-see destination for tourists due to its history, gastronomy, culture and nightlife.

Medellin is trendy and a must see and must experience. No more bragging about London, Paris or Hong Kong, the best in culinary experiences, fashion statements, upscale boutiques, amazing culture and scenery.

Come and see for yourself that Medellin offers the best value for money with bargain prices

The large and beautiful natural parks in the middle of the city that allow you to go for a walk and sunbathe; the bookstores and the more than 24 museums that fill its inhabitants and visitors with culture, of course the coffee culture that is lived in the small cafes of El Poblado neighborhood, and the diverse gastronomy of its five-star restaurants make this a “must see and experience”!

Fashion is an integral part of the city and its inhabitants, from world-renowned brands to small boutique shops of local designers; filling the streets of the city with color, creativity, beautiful people and good taste. Forget Paris this year, Medellín Fashion Week invites the great designers, to parade and premiere their collections in the city under the pillars of sustainability, craftsmanship and timeless design.

During the weekend, the streets of eternal spring become a center for exercise and training, with more than 65 kilometers of bike lanes that allow its inhabitants to stay in shape and enjoy socially with the community.

And then there is the night life, a city that is vibrant with dance and inspiring Latin music on every corner in Lleras park and Provenza. Better than Ibiza or South Beach, Medellin’s rhythm will get you.!!


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